The implementation of interactive learning environments is a challenge faced by training programs. Facilitators every day face a generation of highly technological apprentices, with sophisticated digital skills and which motivation to learn is marked by multimedia environments that are accessible with one click.

In EDUPAN, through the years, we have developed a vocational training program, based on experiences and innovative teaching methodologies, ensuring the successful implementation of interactive
learning environments.

This program is structured in 3 phases, each of which is designed to provide participants with digital skills to harness the use of technology to improve the training process:

In this phase the apprentice has the opportunity to learn to use the tools that make up an interactive learning: interactive whiteboard, multisensory learning system, immediate response system, 3D simulation program, kits for experimentation in science and robotics kits for all educational levels. This phase is done in a theoretical / practical way, modeling the use of technology in a real environment, creating interactive content, building and programing robotic models and managing technology resources that allow you to boost the learning process.

The initial training plays a crucial role when technology is introduced in educational environments, but accompaniment sessions are necessary to ensure a successful implementation in the use of interactive tools. Our training program includes: help teachers in the design, construction and implementation of their first interactive classes, building and programing of robotic models, being present to support them and clear their doubts, raise their confidence level when faced with their groups and conduct work sessions to improve the use of tools.

Steadily approaches are being made with our customers to help them in any difficulty or doubt arising during everyday use of technology. During this phase we go deeper in the use of tools and make reinforcement trainings for both: those who have reached a high level of competition, and those who need to strengthen their knowledge.