Sharing your whiteboard notes has never been easier

Share your notes worldwide as you go. Fit a whiteboard library in your phone. The kapp app does the impossible.


Two sizes of kapp fit all ideas

SMART kapp belongs everywhere people share ideas, learn from one another and search for new ways of doing things. Because when smart people put their heads together something extraordinary is sure to follow.


Plug in. Start writing. Easy set-up. Save and organize notes on your device. Email session notes as PDFs or JPEGs. Protect sensitive work with encrypted connections.


SMART kapp is the share-as-you-go whiteboard

Just walk up and start writing with a dry-erase marker. Everyone you invite sees whatever you jot down, erase and scribble on your SMART kapp® as it happens – worldwide. Save notes on your phone, tablet and PC with a tap, erase and repeat. It’s a whiteboard and personal organizer in one.

The scribble seen around the world

Anyone. Anywhere. Any phone, tablet or PC. Share your notes as you go with up to 250 people at once.

Fit a library in your pocket

Tap the camera icon on the board to save your work. The kapp app library stores and organizes your notes on your phone.



SMART is a company defined by innovation and desire to improve the way in which the world works and learns. They are also defined by their customers – teachers, students and businessmen who claim that Smart has helped them discover new ideas, new ways of learning and new forms of collaboration. Its interactive displays are easy to use. Its integrated solutions are crucial for classrooms and meeting rooms around the world as well.