SmartClass+ can be introduced in:

Any device

Any place

Any time

Any school

Any teacher

Any languaje


What is a SmartClass+ Languaje Lab?

A Smartclass+ Language Lab is a multi-user interactive platform that enables language teachers to build and manage language learning activities for their students – and deliver those activities for both class and for self-study assignments.

  • Teachers orchestrate interactive multimedia activities from an easy-to-use desktop interface.
  • Students participate using any device; BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities for classwork and for homework are fully supported.

¿Why use a SmartClass+ Languaje Lab?

Statistically, in schools having language classes of 25 to 30 students, the average student speaks for less than one minute per hour of class time.

The SmartClass+ Language Lab platform amplifies the opportunities for speaking practice by a factor of 10x. This is realized through activities like conversation pairing and oral recording, where all students are able to speak concurrently.