Online Courses

WWW.E-CTC.NET is the training center of EduPan International. This facilitates access to online courses and allows distributors and channels to provide training on issues related to Interactive Whiteboard, Displays and SMART Notebook to their customers.

Courses for SMART Amp, SMART Kapp and Mobi-learning with SMART Notebook Response will be available soon. Within the platform you will find a comprehensive professional development plan for the construction of interactive digital material, which includes Initial, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The participant has the opportunity to raise his or her level of skill in the use of SMART Technologies solutions.

All virtual courses have been designed under the systematic approach to learning: presentation, application and feedback. The participant learns by doing, practicing and applying the knowledge acquired. At the end of each course, the participant designs and builds interactive digital material, which includes multimedia elements and elements of gamification in order to implement an attractive and motivating material for the student.
Virtual courses last 85 hours and 6 weeks per level. Each participant has access to guides and video tutorials step by step. A tutor accompanies the learner in the process and provides feedback on the assignments sent through the platform.
This learning system has many advantages: the participants learn at their own pace and at any time of day. It is not necessary to suspend classes for teachers to attend. They can use their spare time from home to perform them, by using your computer. Only Internet access is needed.
To ensure ownership of knowledge, the teacher must submit evidence (photos, videos and interactive classes) of how is he or she applying lessons learned in the classroom. This is one of the assessment requirements for certification.