Interactive meeting made easy


A plug-and-play total meeting room solution that allows you to focus on doing your job

i3HUDDLE reinvents your meeting experience

  • Walk up to the whiteboard, draw, annotate, share and convert
  • No training required
  • Straightforward and intuitive

i3HUDDLE – a simple, hassle-free meeting solution that connects people in a secure environment

Using i3HUDDLE

  • Online sales demos
  • Meetings with colleagues in another location
  • Web conferences or interactive meetings

i3HUDDLE – your efficient and secure meeting solution
Around your conference table or halfway across the world


  • All-in-one meeting solution to enhance communication and collaboration
  • Integrates i3SYNC, i3NOTES as well as an optional button giving easy access to i3MEETINGHUB, Skype, Excel, PowerPoint and web browsing
  • Connects professionals in a secure environment
  • Offers V-Sense and C-Sense speed & precision
  • Facilitates online presentations, trainings or demos
  • Intuitive, no training required
  • Reduces travel time, increases efficiency, saves time

Wireless presentations with i3SYNC Full HD

Gain full control of your presentation and connect with your audience thanks to this compact and lightweight presenter tool.

Home button for easy navigation

The home button allows you to return to your main screen/home page, which features all the different options. Navigation has never been easier.

Connects your computer

Connect your computer easily and work interactively on the display.

Quick whiteboarding with i3NOTES

Use i3NOTES to make notes and draw ideas with digital ink.

Optional button

Connect, collaborate, share & store meeting sessions with:
i3MEETINGHUB, Skype, Excel, PowerPoint and web browsing.


With its simple interface stripped to its bare essentials, i3 MEETINGHUB mimics the simplicity of traditional ‘analogue’ presentation tools that anyone can use. However, it is a powerful collaboration tool, allowing remote and local users to interact, brainstorm and present effortlessly.

i3HUDDLE with C-Sense technology

Flicking, dragging, pinching and swiping: these gesture-based actions come naturally to most of us nowadays. C-Sense Technology incorporates capacitive sensing, making it highly responsive, as it does not rely on pressure.

Main features

  • Multi-user interaction and up to 30 touch points
  • Extremely precise
  • Fast response
  • Very sensitive: even the slightest touch can register an input
  • Excellent optical performance (high transmissivity)
  • High durability
  • Platform independent
  • Increased product life span
  • Finger touch or stylus only