Multisensorial Tool

Ideal for the early development of multiple skills

There are strong indications that the principles of social, emotional and language development are closely related. Each E-Blocks sensory panel is designed to accommodate up to six students working simultaneously in the activities presented by the software, making it ideal for small workgroups. Shared learning provides opportunities for debates, promotes critical thinking skills and empowers students by giving more responsibility for their learning.


E-Blocks is an innovative learning method that creates a unique collaborative experience for children that combines hands-on interaction with real objects and multimedia software.
E-Blocks allows a new level of interaction with the software. With E-Blocks, 4-10 years old children learn English, Spanish and math. Children learn by stimulating images, music, animations and games that encourage collaborative work, give meaning to learning and make learning a successful, real and participatory social experience.
All software in the E-Blocks family use innovative learning technology. Therefore, the same sensory panel can be used to extend learning through the curriculum in subjects such as English (as a second language and literacy), Spanish, mathematics and Portuguese. In addition to the configurator, available in most E-Blocks software, teachers can use the E-Blocks programs for all subjects of the curriculum.