Some cars can be opened in seconds or have locks that can be easily compromised. Choose a portable cart with a totally soldier and safe design. The car must also have serious locks. If you have more than one car , be sure to choose a keying scheme that fits your needs. Ask a seller about the encoding options.

A car must have more than just a bar of multiple contacts. Make sure it provides you surge protection, which is a critical feature always needed. It should also provide additional outlets for peripherals such as printers and access points.

Each portable module must be large enough to provide easy access for students and teachers and provide a functional system of cable management. Each shelf or separator must be removable to provide flexibility for future needs configuration.

The portable car you choose should be available in a wide variety of sizes and kits with accessories such as large tires, safety box accessories, battery chargers and additional security options.

Secure Storage

If you are using your cars to perform network upgrades, we can help you configure so they are ready for it. We can send trucks with network cabling and managed and pre-installed switches.


When laptops, tablets and netbooks are used in classrooms and training centers, they are vulnerable to theft and unauthorized use. Schools, universities, centers of corporate training and conference centers protect their valuable equipment in cabinets and trucks specifically designed to secure and carry laptops.

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