The C3 products of Critical Links, are specially designed for schools where access to content and / or learning tools, independent of the stage (with or without an Internet connection) is required. Our portfolio C3 includes different devices for different needs, ranging from an extended version of the Intel® Education Access Point (focused primarily on the distribution of digital content) to a solution of C3 School Server that includes the latest tools to create an experience enriched educational and collaborative. All our solutions are focused on improving the infrastructure of e-learning to improve learning.

This program is structured in 3 phases, each of which is designed to provide participants with digital skills to harness the use of technology to improve the training process:

The C3 provides sophisticated network capabilities including routing, Internet gateway, firewall and Web filtering. It also has built-in wireless AP (Access Point) to provide a local high-speed access to educational content and tools.

The C3 provides cache storage significantly optimizes the use of Internet, improving the user’s perception regarding speed Internet.

The C3 has a deposit of local Web content, pre-loaded with Intel Educational Resources (Math, Science, Biology and Physics) and other content. The content repository provides access to this and other third-party content via any standard Web browser. With C3, content consumption is local. This factor provides a great user experience.

The C3 Cloud service lets you manage and distribute digital content to C3 school’s through the Internet. The C3 Cloud is used to drastically simplify content updates in hundreds of schools through a centralized management platform.

C3 LMS is a learning management system (LMS) that can be used by the teacher to organize, build and oversee digital learning activities of students. It also provides tools to monitor attendance, grades and progress in the classroom. Questionnaires, forums, wikis and other tools are also available to allow the creation of tasks and collaboration. The C3 is based on Moodle LMS, the most used LMS in the world and is available in over 90 languages.


Educational Content in the Cloud


Digital content and educational tools available in any scenario.